L, T, T - Short-term joint staff training events

C1: Short-term joint staff training event (Jun-July 2020, Groningen, Netherlands)

During the implementation of MARG21 project a learning activity will be hosted at the University of Groningen. The purpose of this activity is to empower teachers and team staff to better take advantage of Mobile Augmented Reality tools and games and integrate them in their teaching practice.

In specific, through these training activities:

a. Teachers will acquire the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge about design, develop and incorporation of Mobile Augmented Reality Games in the field of key competences and help their students develop certain key competencies and skills.

b. Teachers will act as knowledge-multipliers for their colleagues as well as researchers since they will be involved in the research study of the MARG intervention and the evaluation of its added educational value. Moreover, teachers will familiarize themselves with research and assessment tools for measuring their students’ digital and civic key competencies.

In addition, the transnational character of these events offers teachers and researchers the opportunity to exchange good practices with their European colleagues, to monitor each other's work and to create networks so as to enhance their organizations European dimension with new possible partnerships.