MOOCs are online courses designed for a large number of participants, in which anyone can enrol. The courses are available for all, most of them without entrance prerequisites. MOOCs offer a complete online learning experience for free, while others offer the option to pay to obtain a verified certificate.

A MOOC will be created that will consist of 4 modules, all relevant to the project outcomes:

- First module: Fostering digital and civic competences in the context of sustainable development

- Second module: Introduction to AR technology

- Third module: Augmented Reality teaching toolkit

- Fourth module: Designing learning scenarios for MARG

The MOOC will be open not only to educators from the participating countries, but also to anyone interested. It will be available in English. The MOOC will be included in the European repository Open Education Europa (www.openeducationeuropa.eu) to achieve an even larger spread to European educators. The MOOC will stay online after the completion of project financing. Courses will be free of charge. The course will be in self-paced mode, which means that once activated, users can begin whenever they want and follow at their own pace, there will be no an established schedule.